Aluminum Alloy/Zinc Alloy Die-Cast Components:

  • High-quality die-cast parts manufactured from various Aluminum alloy/ Zinc alloy, designed to meet specific requirements.

Mould Design and Development:

  • Custom mold design for die-casting processes.
  • Prototyping and iterative design to optimize molds.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation in mold development.

Precision Tapping:

  • Accurate threading and tapping services to ensure seamless integration into larger assemblies.
  • Consistent and precise threading for a variety of applications.


  • Riveting solutions ensure the structural integrity & durability of products.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining:

  • Precision machining of die-cast components to meet tight tolerances and specifications.
  • CNC machining for complex shapes and intricate details.


  • Comprehensive assembly services to create finished products or subassemblies.
  • Stringent quality checks throughout the assembly process.

Surface finishing:

  • Surface finishing options such as powder coating, anodizing and plating for enhanced appearance and protection

Investing in ongoing training & development programs for our engineers and technicians who possess deep knowledge of aluminum and zinc die-casting over a few decades, we leverage their expertise to provide innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs.

They also advise clients on choosing the most suitable Aluminum or Zinc alloy materials for their specific applications, considering factors like strength, corrosion resistance, and thermal properties.

Below are our end-to-end solutions with a range of customization options, allowing customers to tailor die-cast components to their specific needs. This flexibility can help them optimize their products and reduce waste.
  • Aluminum & Zinc Alloy Die-Cast Components Mould Design & Development
  • Precision Tapping
  • Riveting
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining Assembly
  • Surface finishing

Our Machinery

Our machines below allow us to create complex & accurate metal parts with high repeatability.

  • High Pressure Die Casting Machines (Cold & Hot Chamber)
  • Servo Spray Pickup Machine
  • Milling Machines
  • TIG Welding
  • Lathe Machines
  • Heat Treatment Furnace
  • Secondary Process Equipment
    • Tumbling
    • Linishing
    • Power Press
    • Polishing
    • Dryer Conveyor Orbit Sanders
    • Trim Press
  • Machining Equipment CNC Machining
    • CNC Lathe
    • Automatic Milling &Tapping Air Tapping
    • Table Drilling
  • QA Measuring Equipment CMM
    • Digital Height Gauge
    • Thread Plug Gauge
    • Micrometers
    • Pin Gauge
    • Digital Calipers
    • Granite Table
    • Electronics Scale
    • Depth Gauge
We continue to invest in state-of-the-art die-casting machinery and technology to enhance efficiency and product quality. Our advanced equipment allows us to meet tight tolerances and complex design requirements.

Commitment to Quality

Being certified with ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 9002:2008 TUV Quality System, the entire facility and work force of Castmax are held accountable to the highest quality assurance in Manufacturing, Fabrication and Assembling of Die Casting Aluminum & Zinc Alloy Parts and Components.

Since our inception, we see International Standards as a foundation to be built upon. On top of our ISO 9001:2015 certification & ISO 9002:2008 TUV Quality System, we self-impose best practices to ensure safety is always maintained and exceptional quality is consistently upheld.